Office Staff

Jonathan Brickett

Executive Director


Alexander O. Walker, III, MD, MBA, FACEP

Medical Director

Richard Patterson, EMT

MCI / Communications Coordinator

Kathy Ulrich

Program Manager


Laura Crawford, RN, MSN


Steven Krendel, MD

Vice President

​Michael Lawler, EMT-I


Kimberly Downer, RN


Peter Cole

Past President

Our Story ~ Our People

Our people

NorthEast EMS, in its role as the Regional EMS Council, consists of representation from a broad base of EMS professionals serving northeastern Massachusetts.  The Board of Directors (the Regional Council) and members of the EMS Region III Standing Committees are comprised of healthcare professionals, public safety officials, consumers and political leaders which represent all aspects of emergency medical care within Region III.

Day-to-day operations of the council are managed by a dedicated staff of administrative and medical professionals who report to the corporation’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  NorthEast EMS offices are located in Wakefield, Massachusetts while the region’s communications center CMED is located at Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Our story

NorthEast Emergency Medical Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that has helped coordinate the emergency medical services system of the forty-nine cities and towns northeast of Boston since the fall of 1990.  Since then volunteers and staff of NorthEast Emergency Medical Services Inc., also known as NEEMS, NorthEast EMS, MA EMS Region III, and the MA EMS Region III Council, have worked hard to support and enhance the EMS system northeast of Boston.  

The primary focus of an EMS System is to provide quality medical care to those in need; an EMS System must also provide a coordinated and quick response that involves multiple agencies and people, all with their own essential role to perform.  Municipal and private ambulance services, first responder agencies, community hospitals, trauma centers, physicians, nurses, dispatchers, EMTs, Paramedics, as well as state and local officials, all work together to plan, manage resources and coordinate all the components of the EMS System in Region III.  

Board of Directors / Regional Council

H. Peter Beauparlant, MD

Brian Caponigro, Paramedic

Andrew Connor, Paramedic

Jeffrey Deschenes, EMT

Jonathan Drake, MD

Craig Jesiolowski

Michael Kass, EMT

​James Kelcourse

Steven Krendel, MD

David Lacaillade

Joseph Lapolla, Paramedic

Peter Tura, RN

​Mark Panjwani, Paramedic

​Wes Russell, Paramedic

Barry Sullivan, EMT


Jack Good

Richard Iseke, MD

110 Haverhill Rd., Suite 222

Amesbury, MA 01913

Office: 978-792-5477   Fax: 978-792-5632

CMED:  978-946-8130

NorthEast Emergency Medical Services Inc., MA EMS Region III, works with agencies and emergency care providers to help bring all the pieces together so that the visitors and residents of Region III receive high quality emergency care as quickly as possible using all the appropriate resources that are available.  

In addition to EMS System planning, development and coordination, NorthEast EMS is also responsible for the oversight of the regional Centralized Medical Emergency Direction (CMED) communications system as well as ensuring effective medical direction is available to EMTs and Paramedics when needed and assuring EMS personnel have access to timely, relevant and quality educational programs.  In the event of a disaster or a multiple casualty incident NorthEast EMS provides essential coordination of resources and communications.

Beyond our role as one of the five Massachusetts Department of Public Health designated regional EMS councils, NorthEast EMS has partnered with the American Heart Association to provide BLS CPR training to EMS providers as well as Heartsaver CPR and First Aid to individuals, businesses and the community.  NorthEast EMS is also the Massachusetts chapter for International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), providing trauma specific education to first responders, EMTs and Paramedics.