Instructors, Program Coordinators and Training Officers planning to offer EMS continuing education should first refer to AR-2-212, EMT Continuing Education Standards. This Administrative Requirement (AR) specifies the subject matter of training programs eligible for EMT continuing education credit by the Office of Emergency Medical Services; the administrative standards for continuing education; the transition timeline for any changes made in this document; and, the standardized courses and pre-approved OEMS-issued continuing education course numbers.  

Training programs for EMTs may be awarded continuing education credits by OEMS for subject matter that is:

​1.  within the EMTs defined scope of practice,

2.  within the defined roles and responsibilities of the EMT.

To meet continuing education requirements EMT continuing education training programs must be:

1.  approved by the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) and be assigned an OEMS Approval Number or, in the case of an Accredited Training Institution (ATI), an OEMS Registration Number, or

2.  approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), as documented by having a valid CAPCE approval number.

Each Regional EMS Council assists OEMS in assuring quality education programs for EMS personal by reviewing applications and assigning approval numbers/registration numbers.  

The OEMS continuing education training application and outline is sent to the regional EMS office based on the sponsor's mailing address. Continuing Education programs that are sponsored by entities from outside of Massachusetts must be reviewed by OEMS.

Blanket Approval Numbers

​BLANKET approval numbers are available to Program Coordinators, Instructors and Training Officers who plan to offer the same course multiple times during the year and/or in multiple locations.  The application process for a BLANKET approval number is the same as for a single approval number. Be sure to indicate the date range on your application for a BLANKET approval number. When using a BLANKET approval number the Program Coordinator, Instructor or Training Officer must notify OEMS at and the Region at least two weeks before the start date via phone 978-792-5477 email: or by using the online notification system. BLANKET Approval Number Notificaiton

Course Completion Certificates

Instructors of all MA EMS Continuing Education must provide students with a Course Completion Certificate that

includes the name of the course, date, time, OEMS approval number and the Instructor's signature or a copy of the signed class roster.

Instructors / Program Coordinators / Training Officers

110 Haverhill Rd., Suite 222

Amesbury, MA 01913

Office: 978-792-5477   Fax: 978-792-5632

CMED:  978-946-8130

Continuing Education Approval Process

Fill out the EMT Continuing Education Program Application and send to EMS Region III via email, education@neems.orgor mail to 110 Haverhill Rd., Suite 222, Amesbury, MA 01913. Or submit the application online. ONLINE APPLICATION

​  ​​

Each application must be accompanied by a timed outline.  Please see the Region III Application Submission Guidelines for additional information and timelines.  

After you receive your approval number if you cancel or change any aspect of the program including date, time, location and/or instructor please email  and as soon as possible.