EMS Region III Affiliate Hospital Medical Directors (AHMD), ambulance service Medical Directors, and emergency department physicians working in Region III are invited to request a password to the Medical Director’s Portal.

The Portal is currently a work in progress but with your participation the Portal has the potential to become the online meeting space for Region III Emergency Physicians to share information, insights, and ideas that are brought to the State Medical Services Committee which advises the Emergency Medical Care Advisory Board (EMCAB) and DPH to enhance the quality and consistency of medical control and oversight activates within Region III.

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Supporting and Serving Region III

Supporting and Serving Region III

NorthEast Emergency
Medical Services, Inc.
​110 Haverhill Rd., Suite 226
Amesbury, MA 01913
Office:  978-792-5477
Email:  neems@neems.org

NorthEast CMED
Lawrence General Hospital
1 General Street
Lawrence, MA   01842
CMED: 978-946-8130
Fax:     978-946-8139

FOR RE-CERTS in 2023 and after:only 1/3 of National Component can be Distributive (2/3 in person)2/3 of Local Component can be Distributive (1/3 in person)All of Individual Component can be Distributive OR in person OR mixed, as you wish. See MoreSee Less
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updated MDPH PPE guidance just issued requires eye protection when caring for ALL patients. Read more here: wmems.org/p/48/DPH-and-OEMS-WaiversAdvisoriesGuidance See MoreSee Less
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NorthEast CMED can be reached 24/7

978-946-8130 or 978-946-8131

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